Oru Indian Pranayakatha


This time round, the title translates to – An/One Indian Love Story.

The article ‘an’ or even the word ‘one’ that prefixes the rest of the title gives us an impression of an everyday…, a kind of a routine fair… there is this laziness attached to it, the laziness in an easy chair on a veranda watching the rest of the world in action while slipping into sleep between a conversation 😉 😉

The trick is in saying the title aloud… if in a sentence, it can be reported as “oh! it is just another love story…” That air of casualness it exudes. It is not the curious oh! or a disappointed oh! but an I’ve seen it before of an oh!… about it being routine, about it being staged before, about it being commonplace.

The main story of the film is about a girl, a Canadian Citizen, who comes to a town in Kerala to find her birth parents. She was adopted by a Canadian couple from an orphanage from these parts while she was in her swaddlings…

The bit about the Indian love story which forms the frame story begins after the interval … A story set in the past, set in the precincts of the Indian railway and trains, a metaphor for travel, a metaphor for something that is present all over India… comes in as an apt descriptive of the Indian in the love story of the title. Another film that comes to mind in the backdrop of the railways is Julie (Hindi)/ Chattakari (Malayalam)

The girl in search of her birth parents is then is a daughter of an Indian love story … or when this Canadian girl falls in love with the Kerala wanna be politician boy, that could be the Indian love story, or the boy’s sister who lives in the memories of a love lost during her college days, that could also be the Indian love story, or the love story of our boy and his first girl friend..


Oru Indian Pranayakatha is a Malayalam film directed by Sathyan Andhikad, released in December of 2013. Fahad Fazil and Amala Paul play the lead roles.

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